Top Creative Candidate Recruitment Campaigns

Unique recruitment campaigns attract the job seekers’ attention and help to build brand awareness. When more people know and are aware of the company, it will lead to better job applications, and the company will find the best candidates.

Hiring the right candidate for a job is a difficult task. You first need to announce your job opening and announce it well to ensure most job seekers see your job ad and apply for the position.

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Simultaneously, you also want an efficient process to screen the candidates and filter in only the best for further interview rounds. So, are you facing a shortage of ideas for your recruitment campaigns? In this blog, we discuss the top creative recruitment campaign ideas for companies.

Microsoft Math

Microsoft recruitment drives have always been a big event. Most job seekers eye for the opportunity. This time Microsoft thought of making things slightly different. It added a challenge for eager job seekers. They put out a one-page job ad posting and provided all the details, including job duties, salary and job requirements.

However, they encrypted the contact information the candidates needed to contact to apply for the job position. Instead of providing the phone number or the URL, they added an equation in place of the contact number. When correctly solved, this equation would produce the contact number that the candidates need to call to submit their job application. This was a great yet unique way to self-filter the candidates for the interview as well as build interaction with the eager candidates.

Graffic Designer

In the Middle East, a well-known health agency ran recruitment campaigns that contained text content that was riddled with various issues or mistakes intentionally.

Moreover, they informed the reader that there were 10 errors in the Ad. The mistakes mainly included spacing errors, typing errors, centring and kerning issues.

The purpose of this ad was to encourage the people and job seekers to focus and be attentive, find out all the errors in the text, reach out to the company with their response and submit their job application. This was the best way to conduct a basic screen test and screen the candidates to find suitable ones for the job.

It did not just engage ordinary people with the brand but also allowed the employer to screen the candidates.

Cisco tribe

The global tech giant Cisco has a very diverse and varied workforce spread across different geographies worldwide. They proudly showcase diversity in their recruitment campaigns. This helps them build a positive and very effective brand image among the job seekers. They effectively use hashtags such as #BeYouWithUs and #WeAreCisco.

Their actual employees speak about the company culture and life in their recruitment campaigns. These conversations help the company display the various benefits of working with the company. Their campaign “Don’t Follow the Herd: Be You, With US” is a very successful ad campaign that is still very effective and prevalent despite being initialised many years ago.

“Tolerance over Race” by Mc Donald’s

Their “Tolerance over Race” ad campaign was quickly the most scandalous and popular ad campaign. The fast-food giant developed a hiring campaign that highlights the different offensive and racist statements made by recruiters while hiring people.

One of their most talked-about ads was the text: “We don’t hire Greeks, Turks, Poles, Indians, Ethiopians, Chineses, Peruvians or Vietnamese.” This ad boldly discussed racism and discrimination while hiring people and necessitated more diversity and inclusion at the workplace. What this ad did was start a discussion on this topic. Moreover, it also helped to add brand value to the company.

Google recommendations

Google comes up with some of the best mind-bending ads, which only the best coders can decipher. After all, this is the best way to self-screen candidates and allow only the best to reach out for the job interview.

Their unique ad on a poster read something like this. “{first 10 digit prime found in consecutive digits of e}.com”. The job applicants were expected to solve this puzzle and access the hidden message, which would take them forward in their job application process. With such ads, companies will not just enhance their employer brand but also find the best candidates for the job.

Money works

A charity organisation wanted the best candidates for fundraising jobs positions. Therefore, they ran a campaign wherein they dropped fake $20 bills at various strategic locations. People would pick it up only to realise that the bill is counterfeit. But there was a message at the back, “Now Hiring”, to make people aware that they are recruiting people for their open job positions.

The “Now Hiring” campaign is one of the best hiring campaigns that various recruiters and hiring managers worldwide can take note of. The campaign helped build awareness among the people about the company, and it also developed a positive brand image. Innovative thinking can sometimes make even the simplest of ideas look exciting and unique.

Special uniforms

Yes, even uniforms are a great way to advertise your job campaigns and find suitable candidates for the job. The company that stole the show was not a global conglomerate or a tech giant, but a relatively small scale window cleaning company that provided cleaning services to the galls windows and the glass facade of commercial high rises. The message on their uniform read “Quit and Join Us”. This modest window cleaning company advertises this massively popular phrase among the reciters on the uniform of its staff in the most unique way possible.

This campaign is a great way to boost brand image and attract people’s attention towards your company. Uniforms are meant to do that, but a uniform with a message takes this to a whole new level.

The Lego Factor

LEGO is a global toy company unique and famous among children worldwide. This timeless toy still makes several people happy. The company requires consistent innovation in its design to maintain the uniqueness of its toys and its kit every year. In order to serve this purpose, LEGO is always on the lookout for Master Builders, i.e. people who are very creative and can design new toy models with specific requirements.

To find such creatively inspired people, LEGO conducts a Brick Factor competition; wherein the competitors are asked to build unique prototypes. The judges’ panel includes two influential groups: LEGO master builders and children who lose LEGO. The person who wins is given the job offer on the spot.

Eurowings Matching

Eurowings is a Germany-based airline company that has won awards for its job campaign. Eurowings used the Tinder Platform, a social media dating app, to run their best recruitment campaigns. Tinder is a matchmaking application where users upload their profile and search for people with preferred orientations and swipe right to connect with the individual or swipe left to ignore.

The company used the dating app features to advertise the job positions. Swiping to the right means the candidate’s profile matched the job opportunity, and the candidate wishes to connect with the company or wants to know the job description. This was a great way to communicate with the job applicants and a unique way to use a social media platform.

Unique and best recruitment campaigns 2020-21 attracts the job seekers’ attention and helps to build brand awareness among the people and the job seekers. When more people know and are aware of the company, this will lead to better job applications, and the company will find the best candidates for the job.

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