A Mere Onsite Deputation — Is that All There Is To Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

Recruitment process outsourcing is a lot more than just an extended support feature for hiring solutions and for onsite deputation. They are expert recruiters and can handle your entire hiring requirement as and when required.

Every recruiter or hiring manager would confess that hiring is not an easy process. And the process becomes even harder when you’re hiring employees to work at remote locations. RPO is a great way to leverage your requirements by handing them over to expert recruitment service providers. They can help you scout and induct the right talent into your organisation. But what is an RPO? How does it work?

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing or RPO is a commonly misunderstood concept among Indian employers. RPO is usually defined as a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) wherein the company hires an external service provider to handle the entire or a portion of the recruitment process. Efficient recruitment process outsourcing service providers can execute your end-to-end recruitment process, or, handle a few critical aspects of it. For all practical purposes, they serve as another internal team working with the HR department of an organisation. They especially come in handy while hiring remote employees for offshore positions.

Essentially, RPO works by bringing predictability and accountability to the process of recruitment by decentralising the tasks and assigning relevant tasks to specialists for better outcomes. Generally, recruitment processes are considered laborious and human-intensive by employers. RPO successfully busts this myth and many such unfavourable assumptions by offering real-time results to its customers. This makes the hiring process streamlined and efficient.

RPO enables both the talent acquisition team as well as the business team with efficient decision making, thus managing a 100% fulfilment in services. This way, the goals of both the company and the service provider are achieved, resulting in positive business results. This is better than adopting the contingent hiring method, wherein there is lower accountability on a service provider for extending its recruitment support. Moreover, if the service provider also has your tough-to-fill job roles, then it makes the hiring proposition even riskier for the client.

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Services offered by an RPO

The services offered by an RPO are not just limited to filling open positions. They also strive to improve your overall recruitment processes. Below are a few services that an RPO can provide:

  • Comprehensive help with recruitment

The RPO will provide comprehensive hiring solutions. They will assist your manager with every aspect of the hiring process — right from drafting correct job listings to the evaluation of the entire process. An RPO will make sure that the right candidate lands at your door seeking for a job.

  • Consulting

Recruitment process outsourcing service providers also offer consulting services to employers, wherein they will evaluate the current hiring solutions and their efficiency and productivity. Accordingly, they will highlight the positives and recommend various suggestions for growth and improvement.

  • Technology

RPO uses technology efficiently to obtain favourable results. They do not depend on various old school practices that hardly produce any convincing results. Instead, they employ various software tools that integrate technology to reach out and source candidates. This approach will allow you to widen your horizons and discover many highly qualified candidates, which was not possible earlier due to the limited means and resources of your company.

  • Reporting

RPO provides real-time insights and reports on performance so that the client can view the progress of the recruitment process. This can help you customise and improve your hiring process.

When should you opt for an RPO

If you’ve understood how external service providers work, you must be wondering whether you require this service or not. Or how will you come to know that you will be needing their extended support at hiring candidates? So, let us discuss when you should opt for Recruitment Process outsourcing.

  • You have limited experience

A new company will not have comprehensive experience of hiring candidates. In such cases, it is fine to seek support for RPO service providers. They possess the required skills and the expertise needed to source and hire the right talent for permanent recruitment. It is better to seek assistance with hiring solutions from experts rather than losing your business by hiring a wrong candidate.

  • Your HR team lacks outreach

Sometimes in small companies, the HR department gets stretched with too many responsibilities coming their way. As a result, they end up hiring any and every candidate that walks into the office.

If you are experiencing such a scenario, then it’s time for you to partner with an RPO service provider to sort out your recruitment issues. RPO can undertake all the essential aspects of sourcing and recruiting so that your HR department can pay attention to their different crucial tasks. And you can be assured of recruiting the right talent for the job.

  • You need top talent

Sometimes the HR department cannot hire top talent into your business. They simply don’t have that marketing and social media acumen to attract the best talent into your company. In this case, it is better to hand over the responsibility to professionals. RPO service providers are expert at sourcing and recruiting the right candidate for the job. They will create a great brand story and elevate your brand image, which will automatically attract the best talent into your organisation.

  • You need reports

If you expect to monitor the recruiting process to review the performance data and determine whether the permanent recruitment process was a success or failure, then you would need the support of RPO.

RPO service providers follow systematic approach along with regular monitoring of the process. This will provide you with real-time and detailed reports about the performance of the process. Data in is crucial here as it will give you a clear measure of the outcome of the process. And you should opt for it — after all, you are paying money to receive these services.

Recruitment process outsourcing is a lot more than just an extended support feature for hiring solutions and for onsite deputation. They are expert recruiters and can handle your entire hiring requirement as and when required.

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