5 Innovative Ways to Leverage Technology for Your Organisation’s Recruiting Strategy

The competitive nature of the job market makes things quite difficult for employers to find and attract the right talent. HR software is providing a better return on investment in comparison to the age-old brick and mortar recruiting. Let’s not forget AI which not just saves time, but also provides highly desirable results in a short time frame.

An effective recruiting strategy is important to find and attract the right talent to your company. As the unemployment rate rises, so does the intensity of the companies’ job hunt in finding the right talent. Plus, the competitive nature of the job market makes things quite difficult for employers to find and attract the right talent.

Thus, many recruiters are now making use of the latest HR software and Artificial Intelligence as an active recruiting strategy to search and track their candidates and to provide a great recruiting experience to the candidates. After all, HR software is providing a better return on investment in comparison to the age-old brick and mortar recruiting.

So, let us check out the Five ways technology can help in improving your recruiting strategy:

Go social

The world is rapidly embracing digitisation. Paper advertisement publications are no longer effective at reaching out to potential candidates. Nowadays, even job boards and career sites have become less effective at providing favourable results for the investment. Today, most recruiting happens on social media platforms, as they are where the millennial audience thrives. According to the market data, more than 78% of job seekers search for jobs online, and social media takes the majority of the cake. Social media widens the horizons of job seekers. It helps them network with the right company and find the right jobs.

Employers should proactively employ their resources on searching for candidates online on social media. This strategy is the best way to get your ideal candidate on board — check their social media activity, gather more information about them, and then, send them a job notification. This structured approach will garner more favourable outcomes for the resources invested.

Remove bias

Biases are everywhere around us. Consciously or unconsciously, we create a bias in our head. And once formed, it is very difficult to escape the prejudices in our head. According to the latest research conducted on auditions done for a live orchestra, which is also one of the male-dominated professions, it was found that in case of blind auditions, a higher number of female musicians got selected than their male counterparts. This proves that unconscious bias results in poor decision making.

When the recruiter reviews a resumé, they may act upon a bias unconsciously towards a certain candidate. Mostly, these biases don’t arise out of plain maliciousness. But they do happen, which can result in improper hiring decisions that can have long-term effects on the organisation. Technology such as HR software and AI can help an employer reduce the bias to the bare minimum.

Pymetrics is one such innovative solution. This software system doesn’t focus on the gender, looks, name or race while shortlisting the candidates suitable for the position. Such a system can find the right people for your organisation in an impartial manner, negating the existence of bias altogether.

Employ software technology

Nowadays, providing an excellent candidate experience while recruiting has become a vital aspect of the recruitment process. Candidates, who had a good hiring experience, have a higher probability in joining the company when compared to dissatisfied applicants. Furthermore, with the advent of social media, it is easy for candidates to share their positive recruiting experience with the whole world in a matter of seconds, which may result in a favourable recommendation irrespective of whether the candidate is selected or not.

Employers are increasingly applying top-class HR software solutions — such as AI recruiting — to provide a consistent and unique candidate experience during recruitment. AI recruiting software helps tremendously with efficient talent acquisition and screening processes, both of which are the two crucial aspects of recruiting.

Moreover, data analytics software also plays a critical role in the active recruiting strategy. Data analytics helps you track and measure key metrics to allow efficient recruiting decisions. These applications help you weigh various recruitment metrics, such as cost per hire, rate of retention, time of hire, source of recruitment and many more. These metrics play an important role in recruiting, without which the employer will fail to achieve the desired result, nor will they be able to provide the right candidate experience.

Efficient use of talent

An optimum recruiting strategy makes efficient use of talent. Basically, if a particular applicant doesn’t fit with the current vacant job position, it doesn’t mean that you dismiss them altogether. They may not be qualified for the required position, but they are qualified nonetheless and can be suitable for a different job position. If you reject them blindly, without assessing their skills, you will be missing out on an excellent prospect.

To avoid such an eventuality, as an employer, you should take a keen interest in all the candidates in their talent pool. You should focus on building relationships with such candidates. After all, though you may not need them presently, they may be required when relevant positions are up for filling. This strategy helps you gain a competitive edge over other recruiters in this competitive job market.

You could make the best use of AI recruitment tools to create and maintain an efficient talent pool. AI offers innovative solutions that propose to solve the needs of candidates as well as recruiters. For example, ‘Stella.ai’ is a wonderful online AI platform that can help you pool and reroute talent.

AI recruiting

Today, an effective recruiting strategy is incomplete without the efficient use of artificial intelligence or AI. Of all the benefits of AI in recruitment, the primary one is that it utilises Linkedin profiles to sort and assess the candidates instead of resumés. This feature provides a more conclusive outcome. Next, AI shortlists the top prospective candidates from the collated data pool. Moreover, AI employs different online assessing games to assess the candidates further and creates an exhaustive list of the most suitable candidates.

The utilisation of artificial intelligence in recruitment not just saves time, but also provides highly desirable results in a short time frame. It helps you get in touch with job seekers through automated messages and allows the use of chatbots to schedule interviews and answer candidates queries.
For any company, right talent is everything. Hence, it is of utmost importance for them to develop a robust recruiting strategy. And strategies need to transform and evolve with time to stay effective and continue delivering the desired result. AI and HR software are the two innovative recruiting strategies that companies should adopt to get more success with the hiring process.

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