Your Go-To Guide to HR Systems: Benefits and Features

An HR system is a platform that integrates, automates and manages multiple routine HR processes in an organisation. The global human resource management market size stood at $19.38 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a 12.8% CAGR from 2022 to 2030. This is primarily due to the increased adoption of automation and digitization of HR activities.

However, white-collar HR systems do not work well for the large and distributed blue-collar workers. Deskless workforce management software must ensure successful communication, optimize time tracking, and improve the visibility of attendance and work hours. It should also be able to reduce labour costs by making sure the right worker is at the right location, at the right time. This helps manage staff across multiple teams and sites to keep the wheels of your business moving forward.

Benefits of an HR System

A complete end-to-end HRMS system may include a platform for human resource managers and apps for each worker. The system should cover the gamut of HR operations from hiring to severance. Such a system can make lifecycle management cost-efficient, quick, streamlined and error-free. The best HR systems can boost productivity and retention by improving employee morale.

Here are the other benefits:

  • Complete payroll visibility with access to all your vendors in one place.
  • Pick a salary structure for different workers across various locations and vendors. You may also design compensation packages that tick off the needs of different individuals in your workforce to boost retention and loyalty.
  • Hiring software can help you get in touch with the most appropriate talent.
  • An unmatched and automated learning experience for your workforce to hone their skills and rapidly progress in their careers.
  • Talent acquisition, attendance management, verification and payroll compliance are automated to meet the changing needs of your company.
  • Real-time data offers insight into workforce management by assessing bigger data sets and then applying complex algorithms for actionable results.

Relying on classifieds and agencies can spike the cost of hiring and cause delays in project completion. On the other hand, an HRMS system can streamline the whole process by presenting a huge database of highly skilled and verified candidates across different sectors of the country. There is an added benefit of self-registration, candidate shortlisting, real-time notifications to candidates and a comprehensive hiring funnel.

Features of an HR System

Identifying and fulfilling the needs of the worker is key to boosting productivity and retention. It is important to choose software that promises integrated human resource solutions without a big budget investment. Leading Indian brands like Licious, Zomato, Flipkart and Big Basket are the top company examples using HRM systems for their automation capabilities to save time and cost.

An advanced HR system gets workers future-ready by offering upskilling options with minimum human intervention. It allows companies to attach short quizzes to collect data about learning outcomes. Gamifying the experience can further boost competence.

A dashboard for attendance should be powered by facial recognition and geo-fencing to prevent buddy punching. The best part is that touchless attendance works with or without the internet, which is a boon for remote locations.

You can store and manage employee related documents for promotions and salary. Mass onboarding is also allowed with up to 10,000 hires. You can run diverse checks for each employee. All notifications and reporting will be delivered right to your inbox. This helps handle humongous data with hiccups.

Final Words

HRS is the first step towards excellent frontline workforce management. Look for additional features like compliance management, employee benefits, merchandise, and insurance to help grow your employee base. An automated system is always a good choice for cost saving. Get a cloud-based infrastructure, so that you get greater value at lower costs.

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