5 Guaranteed Ways to Get People to Respond to Recruiting Emails and SMSs

While you may get a response from certain candidates, keep in mind the fact that likeness attracts likeness – if you are sending out poor recruitment messages, you are likely to receive replies from candidates who do not add value to your company.

Job portals, social media networking, and other technological advancements have made it easier to find potential candidates. When it comes to recruiting and sourcing, though, getting people to respond to emails, social media messages, voicemails, and SMSs has become difficult.

One of the significant reasons fueling this apparent lack of interest in response is a lack of sophistication and poor quality of recruiter messages. Couple that with rampant spamming, and people are more likely than not to ignore such recruitment advances. Your goal is to evoke a response from candidates and to employ effective ways to garner the interest of potential candidates. 

According to research, for every 50 emails sent by a recruiter, on an average, a recruiter receives 15 responses. Personalization is vital when recruiting individuals. Unfortunately, the bar is set at such a low level that people do not expect much. This also means that there is massive room for improvement, and immediate improvement is what we should seek. Here is how you can get people to respond to recruiting emails and SMSs.

    1. Personalize Your Content

    When communicating with potential candidates, personalization is key to evoking their responses. Messages and emails must be sent with a tinge of human emotion, as it goes a long way in your outreach efforts. The people you are contacting are qualified and expect certain professionalism when it comes to considering a potential job opportunity. Your recruiting emails and messages are the first impression of your company, and the right efforts must be put into place to make them feel comfortable and at home. Address them by their name, use tailor-made content, reduce jargon, and add an appropriate call-to-action. Emails that sound automated are likely to be ignored, and rarely persuade people to read beyond a few lines of the text, let alone consider replying to them.

    1. Have A Unique and Creative Subject Line

    When it comes to attracting the attention of people with emails, the subject line of the email you are sending forms a fundamental part of your attempt to grasp someone’s attention. It is the first thing your reader notices and must be compelling enough to make him want to read on.

    You must convey the purpose of your email creatively while maintaining a voice that ideally brings to light your company’s brand, and intention to have the candidate on-board. Avoid using terms that seem promotional, as that could lead to your email landing in your prospect candidates’ spam folder, where it is unlikely to ever be read.

    1. Stick To the Point

    While talking about your company, its vision, and its standing in the market are necessary, keep it short. If you are sending an email, or an SMS comprising a few paragraphs about your company itself, your prospective candidate is likely to lose interest. It must be kept in mind that people looking for jobs apply to several companies. Your email is one of the many he may be receiving.

    It is essential to send a clear message straight away, in the body of your email. Try to give a compelling pitch, and highlight the skills you are looking for in a candidate and other relevant information.

    1. Commend the Experience and Skills of your Potential Candidate

    The very point of sending out personalized recruiting SMSs and emails is to highlight the fact that you love what your candidate offers and see that being put to great use in your company. Mention the experiences and skills that you found attractive in the candidate in question, and compliment them. Without sounding overly obvious, mention how they are suited to the job, and influence them to look at your company in a good light.

    1. Use the Right Tone

    Different business sectors may require a different tone of approach when it comes to sending out recruiting emails and SMSs. You must create content which aligns with your company’s vision and culture. If you work for a company that comes with a formal outlook, do not be overly creative in your emails and send out a more structured and professional message. If you are looking for candidates for a creative role, a casual and friendly email, with a hint of creativity, could go a long way in attracting your potential candidate’s attention.

    Conclusion – 

         Successful email pitches to candidates require the right research, and are a product of personalization, creativity, cutting the fluff, due compliments, and a sense of entitlement. Do not cold email and send out a multitude of poorly constructed SMSs and expect a positive reply from your candidates. 

         While you may get a response from certain candidates, keep in mind the fact that likeness attracts likeness – If you are sending out poor recruitment messages, you are likely to receive replies from candidates who do not add value to your company – as would be expected.

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