eBikes: The Wheels of Green Commerce for Your Last Mile Touchpoints

EVs have grabbed everyone’s attention! Any reference to the EV marketplace is incomplete without mentioning Tesla’s phenomenal growth last year. If 2020 was the year of electrical cars, 2021 is definitely the year of electrical bikes. In India alone, the ebike market was valued at $1.02 million in 2020, and it is expected to reach $2.08 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 12.69%. The country saw a high adoption of ebikes mostly in the logistics sector.

Several retail giants in India and the world have started serving customers across different parts of the country by embracing electrical bikes. In fact, using ebikes is poised to be the biggest transformation in green commerce this year.

Growth of Last-Mile Delivery

Amid the pandemic, it was the E-commerce sector and last-mile delivery that kept the wheels of the global economy turning. People around the globe depended on readymade food, groceries, household items, beauty products, medicines, electronics, and essentials to be delivered to their doorsteps, amid travel restrictions and stay home orders. Online sales by e-tailers almost doubled in 2020. Even as the economy opens, this trend is unlikely to wane. This is because social distancing norms are likely to remain in place. More importantly, reports suggest that the shift to online shopping is not a temporary change, but rather a secular shift in consumer behavior.

On the other hand, customer expectations have risen. The demand for next day or even same day delivery is being valued enough by customers to make them choose one e-tailer over another.
To meet this rising demand from more discerning customers, the last-mile industry is looking at innovative ways to make this ecosystem faster and more reliable, flexible, and efficient. This needs the deployment of the latest technologies and smart solutions to have the product delivered to the customer’s doorstep efficiently.

eBikes – The Green Option

Green is for the environment, but it is also the color of money. eBikes fit the bill on both accounts.

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Unlike fuel-powered vehicles, ebikes are not responsible for any C02 emissions in the atmosphere. Moreover, if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at the current rate, it is estimated that fossil fuels globally will be depleted by 2060.

Given the depletion rate of fossil fuels and the severe pollution caused by petrol vehicles, the shift to electric vehicles is the need of the hour.

The Money Angle: This is probably the biggest advantage of ebikes. While the purchase cost of the bike can be the same or a tad more expensive than their fuel-powered counterpart, the operating costs are significantly lower. Given the rising cost of fuel, the savings from lower refueling cost of an ebike is far lower than a traditional bike. Moreover, their maintenance is much easier. eBikes are free of all the intricacies of a combustion engine, which is why less can go wrong with them. Even if something does go wrong, it is much easier for the rider to troubleshoot.

The corporate sector has come to recognize that ebikes work as sustainable, affordable, and eco-friendly alternatives to fuel-powered bikes for their last-mile deliveries.

Now companies have an even more economical way of building their green fleet. They can rent ebikes at the lowest market rates, with zero cost finance options and no advance rentals or deposits. Companies can either rent these eBikes or encourage their last-mile partners to rent them. Using ebikes allows companies to save Rs.3,000 per month, per rider.

Other Benefits of eBikes

Ease of Use: With ebikes, the rider no longer has to worry about shifting and stalling or be concerned with all the hassles associated with the manual transmissions of fuel-powered motorcycles. All they need to do is to throttle the vehicle and get going.

Ride for Longer: Most ebikes are able to go up to 120kms on a single charge. So, the rider doesn’t need to keep visiting petrol pumps so often.

Comfort for the Rider: Since ebikes don’t have gas or exhausts, they don’t get as hot as fuel-powered bikes and are more comfortable for the rider. There is no fear of their legs being singed by hot pipes.
Now is a great time for companies to embrace ebikes and provide a sense of relief to their delivery personnel.

These wheels of green commerce have brought a major transformation in the delivery segment in India. Plus, they have made last-mile delivery easier and more convenient for blue-collar workers. eBikes are likely to be the new normal even after the pandemic.

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