E-Bikes or Fuel-Based Bikes: Which is the Smarter Choice for Businesses?

Corporate India is standing at a crossroads today. Do they want to continue with the old pollution-causing fuel-based vehicles? Or, they would opt for a cost-efficient, cleaner, and futuristic technology?

Climate change is real, and it’s knocking on our doors. Studies have revealed that urban centres globally are experiencing unprecedented rises in temperatures. More people are getting exposed to hazardous levels of heat.

Cities like Delhi and Hyderabad may see a 5.3°C rise in mean temperature by the end of the 21st century. Over 50 major coastal cities are at the risk of getting submerged under seawater by 2150.

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These facts are alarming, but India has the technology and resources to lessen the effects of climate change and reduce its carbon footprint. E-Bikes or electric bikes are a convenient and cost-efficient way to reduce vehicular pollution.

India Inc. has a strong case now to support emission-free mobility if we are to meet the government’s emissions target under the Paris Climate Agreement.

Let’s understand how e-bikes can benefit companies over fuel-based bikes.


Electric bikes tend to be more expensive than their fuel counterparts due to the costly lithium-ion batteries. However, the Indian government has extended the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicle (FAME) scheme.

The scheme has raised the incentives on electric bikes to ₹15,000/kwh, and the subsidy cap can cover 40% of the vehicles’ cost. Moreover, if companies don’t want to purchase e-bikes they can rent them at low market rates, and zero-cost finance options.

Employers can remit the amount to the rental service, and deduct the money from their associates at the source.

Fuel Cost

An e-bike works on battery, which means huge savings on fuel costs. They offer mileage ranging between 50-120 km on a single charge. This makes them economical in the long term, especially with fuel costs surging at record highs. Companies can save a lot concerning refuelling costs.


E-bikes produce less noise and vibrations making them comfortable to ride in the cities. They score high on less maintenance as the concept of filters, engine oils, and sprockets do not apply.

This again saves money and ensures fewer visits for periodic maintenance to service stations. Further, when companies choose all-inclusive e-bike rentals with complimentary monthly servicing, they have fewer things to worry about.

However, riders must ensure that their e-bikes are cleaned regularly, and tyres are in proper condition to avoid any disruptions in their daily work.

Operational Range

The charging infrastructure of the country is still developing. This deters many companies to switch to a green fleet. However, electric bikes have a mileage of up to 120 km/hour.

If companies choose a rental service that offers the ease of access to charging infrastructure like battery swapping, e-Bike hubs, and charging stations, these bikes will become usable for long distances as well.

There won’t’ be any concern about last-mile deliverers not being able to complete their jobs or reach customers on time.


Fuel-based bikes are leading emitters of greenhouse gases, which are harmful to the environment. E-bikes on the other hand don’t operate on fuel and have zero emissions. They could occupy a prime place in a company’s ESG initiative. Sustainability is something that pleases customers as well as investors today.

Time to Build a Green Economical Fleet

Corporate India is standing at a crossroads today. Do they want to continue with the old pollution-causing fuel-based vehicles? Or, they would opt for a cost-efficient, cleaner, and futuristic technology?

Betterplace makes it easier for companies to make the right decision. We offer end-to-end EV fleet management services across all metro cities. Along with affordable e-bike rentals, we offer companies the technology to digitise their last-mile operations. Contact us to learn more.

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