Checklist for Choosing a Good SAAS-Based Blue-Collar HRMS

If you are reading this, you are facing a critical and complex responsibility. You are hunting for the best HRMS that not only suits your organisation, but also caters to the needs of your large and distributed blue-collar workforce.

Most HRMS solutions have been developed for white-collar employees and are unsuitable for managing blue-collar workers. Choosing a good SaaS-based HRMS that has been designed specifically for blue-collar can make managing this workforce more streamlined, cost efficient, error-free, and fast.

With such an HRMS in place, companies can boost morale, productivity, and retention of blue-collar workers and increase the speed and scale of operations.

Here is a checklist that can ensure a structured approach to blue-collar lifecycle management.

Identifying the Right Talent

Relying on classifieds and agencies can increase the cost of hiring and cause delays in project completion.

When choosing a SaaS-based HRMS, ensure that it has the following features:

  • Huge database of verified skilled candidates in various sectors across India
  • Hassle-free employer self-registration
  • View of all eligible candidates in one place
  • Easy searching of candidates on different parameters
  • Simple hiring request creation
  • Multiple ways to launch hiring campaigns
  • Allows to receive applications for the campaigns
  • Enables easy customisation to generate funnels
  • Simplified mobile workforce to enable blue-collar workers to search and apply for jobs
  • AI-based system to reach candidates in regional languages
  • Simple shortlisting of candidates
  • Seamless scheduling of interviews
  • Real-time notifications to HR team and other stakeholders along various hiring stages
  • Real-time notifications to candidates too
  • Comprehensive hiring funnel view to facilitate prompt action
  • Reports for decision making

Quick Onboarding

Lengthy, paper-based onboarding processes lack context and increase the chances of miscommunication. For companies, onboarding workers across many sites becomes a hugely time-consuming exercise.

The key features of a good blue-collar HRMS are:

  • Highly customisable to define locations and roles
  • Automated interactive forms for workers
  • Easy integration of vendors
  • Bulk onboarding of blue-collar workers
  • Automated creation of compliance documents
  • Highly configurable to create different access for different stakeholders
  • Real-time analytics and comprehensive report generation

Easy Background Verification

A sound HRMS should allow for fast and easy verification of selected candidates, so that your organisation hires reliable blue-collar employees.

When choosing a SaaS-based HRMS for verification, use this checklist:

  • Data repository of candidates across locations, verified for civil and criminal cases
  • Easy to conduct education and employment verification
  • Simple to do health checks, including covid-19 negative and vaccination status
  • Allows large volume verification
  • Includes several verification parameters
  • Easy integration with manpower agencies
  • Single-click initiation of background checks
  • Periodic notifications on verification status
  • Generation of consolidated reports

Attendance and Payroll

Capturing attendance data across multiple locations can be extremely tedious and highly error prone if not automated.

Here’s what to check for when choosing an HRMS for blue-collar attendance trading and payroll calculation:

  • Easy and touchless attendance recording with geofencing and facial recognition
  • One-click generation of muster roll
  • Highly customisable to incorporate state laws and company policies
  • Easily configurable for multiple sites
  • Group attendance feature
  • Email alerts of attendance status at different sites
  • Effortless and intelligent shift scheduling, with overtime control and approval system
  • Force logout options
  • Auto generating of muster role, payroll, and attendance reports
  • Seamless integration with payroll management system
  • Generation of salary slips and Form T
  • Holiday scheduling according to state laws
  • PF and ESI compliance management
  • APIs for easy integration with third-party systems

Employee Engagement

From financial inclusion to insurance and from training to healthcare, blue-collar workers deserve the same opportunities as white-collar executives. Your HRMS can enable this by providing access to:

  • Zero-balance bank accounts
  • Doctors-on-call 24/7
  • Comprehensive and modular insurance solutions
  • Chatbot-based learning modules
  • Unsecured and flexible loans
  • Standing line of credit
  • Discounted medicines and lab tests

A SaaS-based HRMS that has been created specifically for blue-collar workers makes it possible for companies to manage their workforce across geographies, skills, and roles. A comprehensive HRMS that facilitates all activities in the lifecycle of blue-collar workers is just what you need to achieve operational excellence and generate robust growth.

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