BetterPlace: A new-age ecosystem for blue-collar employees

The Indian economy is backed by labour-intensive industries and regardless of how much we talk about automation and robotics, manual labour remains a quintessential part of the economy. As a matter of fact, the population of blue-collar workers in India has reached 450 million with that number expected to grow soon. However, the vast potential of such a massive blue-collar workforce remains untapped, specifically because it is not organised. Furthermore, the advent of Industry 4.0 has enabled companies to incorporate some key changes in their processes, but the blue-collar industry remains fairly untouched by this latest revolution. There is a dire need for automation to streamline blue-collar HR management.

Connecting the blue-collar companies to this evolving industrial environment is where BetterPlace solutions come into play. It is India’s first-ever HRMS platform to automate and combine critical blue-collar HR management processes. Its unique suite of solutions helps meet the needs of both, the blue-collar workers and the organizations employing them. From scaling blue-collar enterprise operations to ensuring fair pay to empowering workers with new skills and improving retention rate, there’s always more to this platform.

Here is how BetterPlace is Transforming Blue-Collar Workforce Management for Organisations

1. Sourcing Solution

Sourcing the right candidate is always a tussle for blue-collar organisations. This challenge could arise due to mismatch in skillset required, location, or experience. Delays in hiring could seriously hamper the company’s goals.

With BetterPlace, companies can access a pool of 150+ million candidates across 1,000+ skills pan-India. With such a large database, shortlisting candidates becomes more efficient than ever imagined. Not to mention, this platform has simple workflows and is highly customizable to generate funnels, making the hiring process smooth, streamlined, and swift.

2. Onboarding Solution

The blue-collar workforce has always been managed with a paper-driven approach. Such a practice makes the entire process error-prone and time-consuming. Besides, the workforce is distributed across various cities, making it challenging to streamline employee experiences.

The technology-driven solution by BetterPlace makes single to bulk onboarding lightning-fast and super-efficient. So far, BetterPlace’s customizable, quick registration process and automated creation of compliance documents have resulted in saving up to 1 hour on every unique onboarding. An empowered workforce with the right tools is likely to be happier, more productive, and more loyal to the organization.

3. Verification Solution

Hiring an unverified employee, who could have a criminal background can land the organisation in a world of trouble. There is also a possibility of workers falsifying their information and verifying that information becomes a tedious and time-consuming process.

However, BetterPlace Verify, a pioneering blue-collar employee verification solution, allows one-click comprehensive background verification on a platform that is available 24/7. To date, this solution has verified over 20 million cases across multiple industries.

4. Attendance Solution

Managing attendance and planning their shifts for a large, distributed workforce of blue-collar employees remains a major challenge. Companies need a modern and sophisticated solution that efficiently plans shifts as well as tracks & maintains the attendance of employees.

BetterPlace Attend is a frontrunner in the blue-collar space with a foolproof attendance system with easy rostering and real-time insights. Powered by geo-fencing and facial recognition, this digital attendance management solution can be customized as per company policies and specific state labour laws. Integrable with Payroll solution, it can map holidays and leaves specifically to sites of operation, thereby making attendance management easier & efficient.

5. Payroll Management Solution

Payroll management is cumbersome, especially in an organisation where a large, distributed workforce is in place. If these activities are done using outdated methods, payment delays are nearly inevitable. Besides, the paper-based approach also makes the entire payroll management a costly and time-consuming affair.

BetterPlace payroll management module effectively addresses these critical challenges. It not only saves time for the admin and HR teams but also makes the process completely transparent for blue-collar workers. When payroll management is better, salary disbursals are faster and more transparent, thereby boosting employee retention rate.

6. Upskill Solution

Upskilling is an effective way to build a pipeline of desired talent and as a by-product in the long run improve retention rate. However, most companies face cost constraints, and sometimes their training programs don’t meet the mark.

BetterPlace helps companies get the best from their employees with a quality upskilling experience that’s inclusive of streamlined training, effective learning, and continuous engagement. All this while reducing training costs by 80% and improving the trainers’ productivity by 70%.


For a long-time, the Indian blue-collar industry has remained untouched from the advantages of the digital revolution. On the other hand, companies have faced numerous challenges in finding and managing blue-collar employees effectively. BetterPlace bridges this very gap by offering its HRMS Platform that can streamline operations for a company and completely change the way blue-collar workers are managed.

With its people-centric and technology-driven approach, BetterPlace helps organisations achieve operational excellence and help blue-collar workers improve their lifestyles. With all HRM modules on one platform, this comprehensive offering enables organizations to focus on enhancing productivity. BetterPlace HRMS Platform will play a key role in forthcoming Industry 4.0 and HR 4.0 digital transformation, reshaping the landscape of blue-collar workforce management in India.

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