Empowering Your Onboarding Process: The Advantages of Automated Solutions

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • What is employee onboarding automation?
  • Benefits of Employee Onboarding Automation For The Company and New Employees
    • Reduces Organizational Cost
    • Organizes and Simplifies Paperwork
    • Accurate and Efficient Employee Onboarding
    • Enhances Experience for New Employees
    • Improves Retention Rates
    • Increases Employee Productivity
    • Track Progress By Insightful Reports
  • Conclusion


Employee onboarding can be time-consuming and stressful, but it is an essential step for every firm. With a slew of recurrent activities like timely communication, paperwork, reminders, answering common queries, and more, onboarding is nothing short of a mountain to climb for an HR manager at a growing company. Due to the expanded set of obligations, the process of manually onboarding new workers becomes more monotonous and complex for HR personnel.

To support and welcome new employees, the onboarding process should be engaging and personal. A poor onboarding experience can have a detrimental influence on employee productivity and retention. At this point, automated employee onboarding can save the day. Automated solutions that are simple, efficient, and rapid may empower the entire employee onboarding process. Continue reading for more information on automatic onboarding!

What is Employee Onboarding Automation?

Automated onboarding is a process of streamlining the various recurring and time-consuming onboarding-related tasks automatically. Organizations can automate the employee onboarding process by implementing an onboarding-specific solution or opting for a generic app builder tool.

App-building solutions like low-code or no-code can help in automating various types of processes. This will enable businesses to drive digital transformation and at the same time reduce dependency on IT teams, thereby giving them ample time to focus on other core projects. All in all, an organization should choose the type of solution which meets its operational needs.

By automizing the employee onboarding process, organizations can utilize their HR teams for other important tasks like preparing new employees for their roles, virtual onboarding documentation, assisting them with equipment, creating travel plans, gathering feedback, and so on.

7 Benefits of Employee Onboarding Automation For The Company and New Employees

Now that we know what is automated onboarding, let us dig deeper and understand its benefits. An organization should develop a standardized automatic onboarding process that allows them to provide an organized and cohesive experience to employees. Virtual onboarding will enable the employees to complete anything they need from a single window. This makes the process fast and simple.

Some of the top advantages of onboarding new employees via automated solutions for the company and new employees are:

1. Reduces Organizational Cost

Cutting down on the extra cost is one of the key objectives of any business or organization. The automatic onboarding process helps to lower the organizational cost by cutting down the time employees spend on recurring tasks and handling new employee data manually. It also saves significant money by reducing the time HR spends on administrative tasks. With onboarding workflow automation, organizations can save up to 25% on paper-based expenses and increase productivity too.

2. Organizes and Simplifies Paperwork

One of the major problems organizations and employees face with manual onboarding is tons of paperwork. As an enterprise, you would not want to bury your new employees in heaps of paperwork on their very first day. Virtual onboarding can put an end to monotonous tasks and tons of documentation. Employees can fill out forms collecting information online easily and can even e-sign documents.

3. Accurate and Efficient Employee Onboarding

Onboarding new employees via automated solutions can streamline the communication and data collection process. Not documental vital documents or data can lead to penalties or issues later on. However, with automated onboarding solutions, you don’t have to worry about that because every stage of virtual onboarding is saved online. Moreover, the information gathered online can be utilized in an efficient and structured manner to improve the entire business process. HR teams can also set reminder notifications to ensure the timely completion of tasks.

4. Enhances Experience for New Employees

Poor onboarding experience can dishearten new employees. They may feel disengaged and unsupported. This can cause them to change jobs quickly, thereby increasing the turnover rates. Automation can make the onboarding process seamless and allow HR to focus on engaging new employees. Virtual onboarding ensures that the employees feel more connected to the enterprise and its goals. Thus, creating a win-win situation for both employees and employers.

5. Improves Retention Rates

Automating the onboarding workflow makes sure that the process is consistent for every new employee. This further helps in increasing the employee retention rates of the organizations. The higher the retention rates are, the more time, money and resources the enterprise will save on its recruitment efforts. Virtual onboarding makes the process stress-free for both employees and HRs. It eliminates the scope of human error and keeps the candidates engaged.

6. Increases Employee Productivity

A good onboarding process promotes better team building and creates a positive image of the employer. Apart from that when new employees receive a positive welcome, they tend to be more confident and proactive in their new roles. This further positively impacts their productivity. Worried that moving from manual to automated employee onboarding will be messy and time-consuming? With the right automated solution, the process can be as seamless and stress-free as a breeze.

7. Track Progress By Insightful Reports

While onboarding new employees, organizations have to ensure that they are completing all the tasks required timely. Tracking this manually can be a real headache as it will involve sending dozens of emails back and forth. However, with an automated employee onboarding management system, organizations can track employee progress in real-time with minimal effort. The system will generate clear reports highlighting the status of each stage. All of this help makes the onboarding process more efficient and stress-free.


Manually performing repetitious onboarding duties is not only time intensive, but it also has an impact on the overall performance of HR teams. Delayed activities, in turn, undermine new employees’ experience and negatively impact their perception of the organization. A smooth virtual onboarding process can help your new hires get started. Employers and employees alike can benefit greatly from automated employee onboarding. Don’t miss Betterplace’s first HRMS service for businesses centered on frontline and blue-collar workers.

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