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Future Skills, Technology, Innovation and lots of new policies – the blue-collar workspace has been buzzing with some exciting developments recently. So here we go summing it up for you in our brand-new newsletter! Read on and catch up on all that has been keeping the semi-skilled sector in news of late.


SkillConnect - Mapping demand and supply in the blue-collar industry

The employers are always on the hunt for the skilled and trained manpower to deliver on the customer expectation. And the skilling ecosystem is keen to cater to that demand. But the industry sometimes battles to bridge that demand-supply gap. Now here’s a solution – SkillConnect by BetterPlace – a technology platform to help map demand and supply.

Online food delivery players offer higher salaries to retain delivery staff

The demand for delivery personnel has always been high in the QSR industry, and they go the extra mile to retain their workforce. This report on industry leaders competing with each other through salary hikes makes the point. Did you know that the salary range goes as high as over Rs 50,000?

Selfies must for app-based cab-drivers now

Selfies are no longer meant only to be uploaded on social media. Keeping in mind the safety of the customers, selfies are now a must for the app-based cab aggregators in order to confirm identity. This way, the customers can sense foul play right in the start in case of a mismatch.

Police warn against not verifying blue-collar staff

Many people do not take the background verification seriously before hiring blue-collar employees, even though it is mandatory. The advisory from the Police has warned them against not verifying their domestic help, drivers, security guard etc, since not doing so is a punishable offence.

Supply chain staff at big e-commerce companies move up the ladder

It is heartening to know that the employees in semi-skilled roles at large e-commerce companies are eventually graduating into leadership roles.

Is technology really a threat to jobs?

Do you also believe that technology is here to replace us and take our jobs? Or is it introducing even more jobs in several new sectors if we keep pace with it? Find out what the industry leaders had to say at the Global Skill Summit by FICCI recently.

Private security agencies look at training 3 lakh more guards

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Skilling, reskilling and upskilling are important for any job role, even for those in the semi-skilled sector. And this is why security agencies are training over 3 lakh private security guards.

Why a strategic shift towards demand-led training is important

When it comes to covering the journey from skilling to employment, there are a lot of roadblocks, especially in the blue-collar segment. Just skilling the manpower is not enough, skilling has to be done from the demand-driven perspective to fill those gaps.

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