BetterPlace Buzz – Dec 2018

BetterPlace Buzz

The second edition of our bi-monthly newsletter is here and it’s worth the wait! Apart from covering the latest major developments impacting the blue-collar industry, we also go exploring these employees as people, beyond their workspaces and jobs. Read on:

Growth Buzz

Climbing up the career ladder

If you thought that people working as security guards, housekeeping or drivers do not climb up the career ladder and upscale, think again! With the changing environment, more employees are showing professional growth to step into managerial roles and claim dignity of labour for themselves.

Why delivery executives are high in demand?

Working as delivery executive is no mean feat – it comes at a cost of hard work, long hours and physical labour. So, it’s only fair that they are now getting incentives like decent pay, added bonus and flexible working hours for their effort. With a steeply increasing demand of home delivery services in the food industry, more and more people are inclined to take up the delivery executive jobs, especially now that they have more incentive to do so.

BetterPlace Buzz Nov 2018 2

E-commerce giants too invest into their delivery executives 

Delivery executives are not only excelling in the food space, the e-commerce companies are also well on their way to rewarding their delivery executives with a lucrative pay and benefits. Did you know that in India, both Amazon and Flipkart pay their blue-collar workers 25-60% above state-mandated minimum wages in the major cities they operate in?

Policy Buzz

Labour Ministry steps up for workers' health and safety

Taking into account the importance of safety and health of the workers, the Labour Ministry is likely to win stakeholder approval for its proposals to set up a national board for the safety and health of workers and issue national licences to staffing firms. This will be a significant step towards improving the occupational safety, health and working conditions of the workers.

Private security industry to streamline services

BetterPlace Buzz Nov 2018 5

The private security market has taken a step towards formalisation and streamlining of the security services in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Association of Private Security Agencies (APSA) has recently tied up with BetterPlace to improve the lifecycle management of its blue-collar employees. As one of the highest job-generating segments in the blue-collar industry, the services in the private security sector is now set to overcome some rampant challenges with a wholesome solution.

DWSSC launches 'Man Friday'

Domestic Workers Sector Skills Council (DWSSC) recently joined hands with Sashastra Seema Bal to launch their training programme titled ‘Man Friday’ with many dignitaries in presence. Man Friday aims to train rural youth in the border areas as a domestic help with multiple skills required to assist a family or senior citizens.

Delhi Cabinet restores increase in minimum wages

The Delhi cabinet recently restored the increase in the minimum wages that was junked by the High Court on August 4. This step has seen a rise in the wages of unskilled, semi-skilled as well as skilled workers in the region.

Focus Buzz

Pune cops' drive to check private security agencies

Insisting on the need of safety, Pune Police recently undertook the huge task of verifying security guards and private security agencies and turns out many of them were operating without proper license in the city. The situation will hopefully be now checked by the authorities as verified personnel is critical to the private security industry.

BetterPlace Buzz Nov 2018 8

90% private security companies in Hyderabad operating without license

It’s not just Pune where lapses were found in the private security system. Even in Hyderabad, turns out that even in Hyderabad 90% of the security agencies were operating without proper license. Private security industry is responsible for keeping many of the industries safe, up and working, so streamlining their process should be top priority.

Aadhaar-based e-permits for autos yet to materialize

The transport department’s plan to introduce Aadhaar-based e-permits for auto rickshaws in Bangalore seems to be taking much longer than expected and is yet to see the light of the day.

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