Apartment Security – Why Background Checks are a Must Do?

If you are staying in a Residential Apartment Complex, one thing that is very important from a safety and security perspective is the monitoring of people entering and exiting the complex, especially support staff of the residents like maids, drivers, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, gardeners, etc. It is also important to monitor the visitors for unauthorised access, especially the delivery staff of food, e-comm and courier companies.

A combination of Security Guards, CCTV & Gate Management Solution (like MyGate) could help immensely in managing this. But having said that, if you are really serious about the safety and security aspect of the residents, in addition to monitoring what is “present” and “visible in front of us”, it is also important to check the “past” or “things not visible in front of us”.

Example – How can you trust the same security guards you are deploying to be the custodian of security if you don’t know their background ?

What you cannot visually see and verify is a bigger risk because it is very similar to the iceberg below.

Below are the 4 Risks that cannot be visually verified by just a monitoring system, and a background check would really help.

  1. IDs can be Fake.

    In this segment, We have see anywhere from 1-20% of fake IDs – defined as Identity documents that cannot be verified OR whose details do not match with the source of truth – the respective databases, be it Aadhaar (1%), PAN (3%), Voter’s ID (15%) or DLs (20%). A fake ID means the person is hiding something, and the motives might not always be innocent.

  2. Addresses can be Untraceable.

    A high % of blue and grey collar workers stay in make-shift houses or slum-like places where it is impossible to trace people (if there is a need). Also they are temporary in nature. Since this segment of our workforce is migratory in nature, having migrated from villages or even from other states, the chances that you would have verified their permanent address is 0%. So in summary, current address is useless and permanent address is un-verified. Btw, the address in Aadhaar or other Identity documents is un-verified (no-one has verified the physical authenticity of it)

  3. Criminal Antecedents can be Shady.

    If you commit a crime, and get convicted for it, the chances that you will continue to stay in the same locality is very low. Reason being everyone would know about your background, and people will not be willing to hire you again. Therefore criminals change cities, so that they can get a job in new places, unsuspecting of their background. Keeping aside the debate on reformed humans for another day, it is always good to know about the background.

  4. Trust might be Zero.

    Whenever we talk about “background checks”, we always think about the “crime” angle. A more important angle is from the “trust” perspective. How many of us think thrice when our house maid asks for an “advance” ? Though as a good human being, we always want to help, we are not comfortable in trusting the person. What if she absconds ?

    Doing a background check consisting of the 3 checks – ID check, Address verification, & Court record check would help drastically improve the Trust factor in your Apartment Security System

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