7 Reasons Why Background Verification is INEFFECTIVE for your Blue Collar & Contract Workforce.

One of the common opening statements we hear from customers is that background checks are a WASTE when it comes to their blue and grey collar staff. The process is long, lengthy, and the results are unreliable.

Background verification, is one of the 1ST trust building steps an organisation takes as part of the new hiring process. In many industries it is mandated by the law. It typically consists of verifying one or more documents like Identity Documents, Physical Addresses, Education Qualification and Certificates, Employment History, Reference Checks, Criminal Antecedents, Court Records, Police Records, etc.

When you are hiring white collar employees (example: engineers, executives, programmers, sales, marketing, support, etc), it has found to be very effective in terms of providing that sense of “trust” for the start of a new relationship. It does not guarantee against things going wrong in the future, but at-least it helps start things on a high positive note.

But the same process has been found to be very ineffective when it comes to hiring blue and grey collar staff (Example: security guards, drivers, house keeping staff, maids, plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, technicians, facility management staff, construction, manufacturing workforce, etc). there is a lack of trust or trust deficit in-spite of all the checks in place, because for the simple reason that the same background checks have not proven to be effective in the 1st place.

What could be the reasons ? What could be the reasons why the same background verification process that worked for your white collar staff looks like a waste of time, money and resources for your blue and grey collar staff ?

As you can see above, the data points that you would look for in the 2 groups are totally different. For the same reason, the process that would work for verifying someone in the white collar job, would not work for someone in the blue or grey collar jobs. In-fact, It would give absurd results if you follow the same process.

Therefore if you are an employer of blue and grey collar staff, and you are doing this via an external vendor – make sure that your background verification services provider knows the difference.

Btw, One of the major difference between the 2 groups of people is the demographics and the corresponding journey to work. Check out our earlier article to know more – Indian Blue Collar – Journey from Villages in Search of a Better Life

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